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UV Curable Resin belong to a kind of plastic, it is used to photosensitive  forming (Stereolithography, SLA), which is a 3D printing technology. UV curable resin is liquid state, it will become solid after irradiation by UV  light. The printing accuracy is the highest in the 3D printing technology, the  accuracy can be 0.01 mm, the surface of model is smooth, the printing speed  of SLA is two times more of FDM, so the Rapid Prototyping, RP is the main  stream for the commercial purpose. According to the patent expired, many  manufacturer cut down the price and we expect SLA 3D printer will be  booming development.  
State            Liquid Volume 1KG(±0.5%)/pcs Viscosity 125-135cps/250c  Color             Orange Features • Having high stretchability • Present subtle details of prints • Various applications Application The resilience of the rubber resin prints is two times better than  ABS ones. It’s suitable for goods that may need to bond, stretch  and squeeze.
State                               Liquid Volume                           1KG(±0.5%)/pcs Color                              Green Density                           0.98g/cm^3 Range of Performance      0.025mm, 0.05mm Features • Complete Burnout in casting • Present subtle details of prints • Can be cast directly • Low thermal expansion coefficients Application The wax resin prints can be cast right after complete light-cure. No need  to run the secondary process. Besides, with the feature of the lowest  thermal expansion coefficients, the prints won’t have too many subtle  cracks on it, instead, the surface would be rather smoothly. It’s suitable  for printing dental models, jewelry ring sets, accessories and fine  industrial parts’ samples, which are applied in investment casting.
Rubber Resin
Wax Resin
     Coral             Taro T         Transparent     White
Available Colors
State   Liquid Viscosity 230(30℃/cps) Volume 1KG(±0.5%)/pcs Color  White, Taro, Coral, Transparent Tensile Strength            48MPa Elongation at Break 5.5% Hardness (Shore D)           85-90 Heat Distortion Temperature 120℃ Features • Hard material • Clearly curve on the surface of prints • Rapid prototyping • Prints can be post-proccessed
Application: Hard Transparent Resins have high-level light transmittance and perspective. It’s been widely used for dental clinic and labs to print surgical guides and other tools. 3D printing surgical guides can precisely assist implant surgery, lower the risk of surgery and make the dental clinics flourish. Hard Coral Resins have the similar color with traditional gypsums, which are suitable for making bridges and crowns. The surface of prints is easy to mark and color on. The hard texture, which is perfect for dentists to use for several times. Hard Taro Resins can easily bear 70 kg if laid flat, with high precision can be used in printing component parts. The color is bright, which is obvious for checking details of printed works. Hard White Resins are suitable for most product models’ prototyping, or printing dental models. The hardest resins among other hard resin series.
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