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Brief Introduction Yihui brand mini induction melting furnace is an advanced machine to melt gold, silver,brass and other precious metal. The features: 1. Use famous brand INFINEON IGBT controller, has a stronger and more steady output power. 2. With various protection as over voltage protection,over current protection,insufficient      water protection,over heating protection. Safe and Reliable. 3. Quick temp rising,electricity saving,low melting cost with high cost efficiency. 4. Desktop design, compact small size,light weight,easy operation,simple and convenient                    maintainance. 5. 100% full load, 24 hours continuous working.. 6. This furnace adopts big power medium frequency induction melting way, fast heating speed,                   electromagnetic stirring function to get liquid metal with more even temperature and                   composition.            Technical Parameters   Model:M.MF.ML001 Input Power:220V/50~60Hz single phase Output Power:Around 3KW Suitable Metals:Gold,Silver,Brass etc. Melting Capacity:1-2KG Gold Melting Time:3-5 Mins Max Temperature:1450℃ Water cooling:Running water or Water Chiller Outline Size:580x330x300MM Net Weight:28KG
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