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It is widely used in melting gold,copper, silver and other noble metals, metallurgy,petroleum , chem i cal , Laboratory, heat-treatment. The characteristic of this furnace is Small size,light weight,easy operation and accuratetemperature control. Our product has got Quality System Certificate, CE Certificate, utility model and designpatent. This series of furnace has three types: JC-A, JC-K, JC-S Product Classification and Technical Parameter : We supply JC-A, JC-K, JC-S models to meet different requirements of the customers: K Series: The working temperature is from 20C (68F) to 1200C (2192F), the customer can set any temperature between this range. It can meet ordinary melting and heat-treatment requirements. A Series: This series of furnaces can provide 50 segments program control which can be set in any slope. It means that the customer can control the speed of Heating up and cooling off. It support RS485 and RS232 communication interface, can be connected with computer, Split-type Paperless recorder. The precision of the temp control is 0.1C it can meet high precision control requirement for Laboratory and Scientific research. S Series: The capacity of this series is from 10kg to 100kg, it can meet the medium-sized melting requirements of Steel, chemical industry. Furnace features:  A.The material of the melting chamber is advanced composite material, which can extend service life of the furnace.  Our new melting chamber has been gone through heat shock experiment that the chamber heated up to 1200C, then put in 15C cool water immediately, no cracking, no distorting. So this  chamber solved the disadvantages of traditional ceramic fiber or quartz chamber.  The the utmost limit temperature of our element in Lab reach 1600C, so the element can work well under 1200C.  B.The melting furnace has features with small size (170*200*350mm), light weight (N.W.4.5kg), easy operation, fast heating , high efficiency. Melting Time: 25-30 Minutes Watt: 1.5 to 2 KW Single Phase Ideal for showroom and workshops usages for small to Medium size jewelers
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