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Precious Metal Refiner Amrit Gem-Tech Pvt. Ltd. has been bringing the latest international technology for goldsmiths, to the Indian Gem & Jewelry industry. Our services in the highly specialized field of automatic chain manufacturing and investment casting are widely  acknowledged. Now for the first time in India with technical assistance from EMDICO (LONDON) LTD., U.K., we bring you our very own  automated refining system, the AMRIT PRECIOUS METAL REFINER, in various capacities from 200gms to 1 kg of 24k Gold. The latest international technology further improved. Refine all your gold in your won premises under your total control. Virtually 100% recovery. Very high purity can be achieved. (999 or more) No highly skilled labor required. Minimum handling of equipment. Short process time, low operational cost. Refines carat gold scrap, fillings, polishing’s, dust, workshop sweepings etc. Hazardous fumes and odors, neutralized through gas treatment system. Specially designed filter barrel provides for quick filtration. Traps all solids, eve Based on the latest internationally adopted method of refining, the AMRIT REFINER has incorporated further  improvements to suit the refining needs of the Indian Jeweler. With our own research and development facilities, indigenous  manufacturing capability and service network, we can provide proper training and prompt after-sales service, besides providing specialized  consultancy for specific requirements of our clients. Training in operation of equipment and refining, provided at our factory prior to dispatch of the equipment, makes the AMRIT REFINER   very easy to use. The step-by-step instruction manual, which comes with the system, provides further guidance to  your personnel. All spares and consumables are readily available in local market, no need to import. With the AMRIT REFINER, you can obtain fine gold from carat gold scrap, fillings, polishing, dust, workshop  sweepings etc., in your own premises, under your total control, in a very short time. This results in substantial savings, due to low  operational cost and complete recovery, without paying to outside refiners. Precious metal is fully recovered in powder form, ready for melting. Gold is not left idle, but is refined and put to  immediate use. Hazardous fumes and odors are neutralized before being discharged into the atmosphere, maintaining a clean,  healthy working environment. Very little space is required to start your own in-house refining. The process consumes very low electrical power 230 V, 50 cycles, single phase electric (lighting) supply is required.
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